Should it only be about Mum-to-be?

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Are you expecting a baby? Are you nervous about what to expect as you near your due date? What actually is labour? How does it start and how does it feel? What type of birth options do we have? What are the common issues a newborn can present with?

How will I feel? Will I be overwhelmed? How painful are contractions? Will I cope?

How will my partner feel? Not a question many people ask of expectant Dads or birth partners…

When speaking to lots of friends, many of them say that their antenatal classes didn’t cover expectations of birth partners. They were told about how a birth partner can be a support to mum-to-be but what about their own wellbeing? Is this even important?

My answer would be yes! It is important that you know what happens to the body during pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatally and the physical signs and emotions that a woman can go through. However, in our own and friends experiences, it would have been so helpful to understand what the birth partner may experience and how they can manage their emotions and mental health.

More than 1 in 10 women experience depression within a year of giving birth to a baby. Up to 1 in 10 new fathers will become depressed after having a baby (1). So why don’t we talk about it?

It’s just as important to prepare the dads-to-be as the mums. How will I feel seeing my partner go through labour and being in pain? I feel anxious about the pregnancy and becoming a new father. How can I manage this? How will I cope once my baby comes and how will I support my partner at the same time?

At You Bump and Baby we help you answer all these questions. We put you in the best position to prepare you for the arrival of your new baby and to look after not just them but yourselves too.



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