5 Reasons To Choose Us



We will fully cover bottle feeding and breast feeding. This will include the benefits, concerns and tips associated with each to provide you with the information required to make the best decision for you regarding feeding your baby and as smooth a feeding journey as possible.


Manage expectations for all eventualities

We will cover all eventualities in the labour and birth of your baby. Every birth is different and no-one can predict the circumstances. We cover going into labour, induction, vaginal birth, assisted birth and caesarian births. You will leave our classes feeling prepared, whatever may happen on the day.


Specialist knowledge

We will support you to look after yourselves. How to reduce the risk of back ache during pregnancy and postnatally. How to correctly hold, bathe and feed your baby to reduce the pressure and tension on your neck and back. 


Experienced and engaging educator

Course content is delivered in an engaging and fresh way using a range of methods to maximise the understanding and impact of the information whilst leading to networking and socialising.


Dad's perspective

Abbi's husband, Neil is a qualified teacher who runs the Dad session and aims to prepare the birth partner for what is to come and isn't afraid to cover the bits that others don't want to talk about! He offers a valuable and unique perspective from the Dad's point of view.

"Abbi and her hubby Neil make a fabulous team"

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Abbi Taylor

Antenatal Educator

Edgware                                                                       Hampstead Garden Suburb
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